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Birmingham Academy Competition – 24th August

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Birmingham Academy Competition - 24th August 2019

Please read the below so there is no confusion as to how everything will unfold....

Group A

  1. Kevin Dolder
  2. Michael Brown
  3. Tom Hunt
  4. Thomas Bryant
  5. Nathaniel Saunders


Group B

  1. Ben Willson
  2. Svilen Andreev
  3. Michael Bree
  4. Ed Lynn
  5. Omar Mohammed


Group C

  1. Chris Cockburn
  2. Reg Singh
  3. James Robertson
  4. John Birbeck
  5. Adrian Jones


Group D

  1. Veton Zeqiri
  2. Hawley Ellicott
  3. Chris Maiden
  4. Paul Garner
  5. William Hopkins


The top 10 players will progress through to the main event. Bottom 10 into the consolation.

1st & 2nd places in each group will progress into 2 new groups of 5

players final order; first on games won, then games for and against, then head to head if needed. The best two 3rd spots will progress based on the above. If there is an issue with two players in seperate goups being on the same games won, same points for & against, a 'sudden death' end will be played.

All other players move into the consolation event; 2 groups of 5.


Second Round

Group 1: round 1 results indicated

  1. 1st A
  2. 1st B
  3. 2nd C
  4. 2nd D
  5. 2nd highest 3rd place


Group 2

  1. 1st C
  2. 1st D
  3. 2nd A
  4. 2nd B
  5. Highest 3rd place



Group 3

  1. 3rd highest 3rd place
  2. 4th A
  3. 4th B
  4. 5th C
  5. 5th D

Group 4

  1. 4th highest 3rd place
  2. 4th C
  3. 4th D
  4. 5th A
  5. 5th B



Group 1 Winner v Group 2 R-up

Group 2 Winner v Group 1 R-up

Group 3 Winner v Group 4 R-up

Group 4 Winner v Group 3 R-up



Finals & 3rd/4th place play offs played at the same time.

Further information:

The event will be played on 8 tables with white Sanwei 3 star balls.

Small breaks will be allocated.

When you come through the gate park close to the security block nearest the gate. There will be activity or a sign up.

Please bring food and water!

Current prize pool:

Main Event

Winner - £140

R-up - £70

3rd - £35


Winner - £50 coaching voucher

R-up - £20

3rd - £10


Date: Saturday 24th August

Ranking Event: No

Age restriction: None

Venue: Nishkam High

Timings: 1pm practice; 1.30pm start, 6.30pm finish

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