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Birmingham Academy Teams – 2020/21 Season

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Birmingham Academy Teams - 2019/20 Season

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If you can keep the ball on the table a little bit, you have a chance. However, the deadline for entering Academy teams is fast approaching; 5th September 2019. Our table tennis season starts in September and ends before the Summer.

NCL - National Cadet League

NCL is an event that is regionalised across England. It provides an opportunity for children under 15 to compete against other clubs. Ranking points can also be obtained and it is a vital stepping stone in order to progress in the sport. This event will be played over 4 Sunday's at Wood Green Academy, Wednesbury, West Midlands.

NJL - National Junior League

NJL is the delievered in much the same way as NCL and is for children under 18 years of age. This event will be played over 4 Saturday's at Wood Green Academy, Wednesbury, West Midlands.

JBL - Junior British League

JBL is for the best juniors in England. It is a stepping stone from NJL to high/elite performance. To qualify for this, your ranking points need to be relatively high; entering plenty of national events is the way to qualify for this. This event will be played over 2 weekends at the national Velodrome in Derby. Eli Baraty & others will be joining forces on this one!

Birmingham League

Local League - a must for all players hoping to improve. Venues across Birmingham facilitate this league. A car is an advantage. Simple to understand; home and away fixtures like in a football league. Games commence 7.30pm and finish around 10.30pm! Three players are in each team and there are currently 5 divisions across the city. All clubs have match nights ranging from Monday to Thursday.

Why Birmingham Academy?

  1. Because we care
  2. We want inclusion and we also want to produce the best we can
  3. We provide a professional pathway
  4. We seek to nurture the next generation so that they can achieve in whatever they choose to do in life
  5. As we grow, our aim is to provide professional kit at reduced prices through our supporters and sponsors
  6. A growing team will put the younger generation first
  7. The way forward is through a progressive mindset

If anyone has any questions, please contact Ed on: 07500 601 219.

If you wish to to express your interest, please do so below.

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