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Birmingham TT Academy Ping Pong Championships – 22nd March 2020

Birmingham TT Academy Ping Pong Championships Date: Sunday 22nd March Timings: 10.00am - 3.30pm finish latest Latest Entries: Online please - Friday 20th March Rules: Best of 3 games, first to 15 points. Everyone will use the sandpaper bats provided. At least one round of groups and a knock out/consolation will be implemented. If more games with an

19th January – Competition Entries

Over 40's Mixed; Daryn Dobson-Bailey Simon Morgan Hemal Raval Eric Ellis Qian Zhang Reg Singh Winner - £25, R-Up - £10 Seniors Mixed; Hawley Ellicott Ryan Fellows Paul Lenormand Kent Matsumoto Veton Zeqiri Henry Belcher Nathaniel Saunders Lu Ying Dominca Kosik Dylan Day Reg Singh Daryn Dobson-Bailey Simon Morgan William Hopkins Eric Ellis Winner - £65, R-up - £20 U15's Mixed; Thom Bryant Radu Hudita Nirlep Singh Cyrus Harris Abdur-Rahmaan Sivardeen William Hopkins Winner - £25, R-Up - £10 U11's Mixed; James Lynn Kuljot Singh Winner

Birmingham Academy Competition -Sunday 19th January 2020

Birmingham Table Tennis Academy Competition - Sunday 19th January ENTRY CLOSED! Current Prize Fund - £195 You can now enter 2 events! Events include; Over 40's Mixed Seniors Mixed (adapted to compliment tournament) FULL U15's Mixed U11's Mixed Single Point Knockout Prize money for all events. More people, more prizes. Small breaks will be allocated. When you come through the gate, park