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Covid Guidelines

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Birmingham Table Tennis Academy – Covid Guidelines; April 2021

• Members only; details will be provided in advance and invited players ONLY will be able to attend. Initially, no adults will be allowed inside the venue, unless a part of the coaching or voluntary cleaning team.

• An official NHS QR code poster for the school shall be used, so that players can ‘check in’.

• Upon arrival and exit, please use the sanitizer which is attached to the wall on your way in.

• One ball per table shall be used for group training.

• As per NGB guidelines below, a maximum of 15 children may train at any given time.

• If your session starts at a specific time, do not enter until that time. If there is another session, we shall finish slightly earlier and that group shall exit before the new group enters the venue.

• Cleaning products will be allocated to each court. Surfaces must be wiped down before and after use.

• Chairs will be positioned in socially distanced positions. You must use the allocated chairs next to your court and ensure they are cleaned before leaving.

• One person at a time will be able to use the toilets. Again, please ensure proper hygiene is implemented.

• No refreshments will be available, so please ensure you bring your own food and water.

• In the event of anyone receiving a positive test result, please ensure that the information is passed on to me promptly.

No earlier than 12th April – NGB guidelines

• Table tennis indoors to re-start for children under the age of 18 and Disabled People in bubbles of up to 15. It has been confirmed that the exemption for under-18s includes young people who were under 18 on 31st August 2020.

• Play for adults indoors not yet permitted, unless with someone from your own household.

• One-to-one coaching can be carried out for U18s indoors or outdoors, for adults one-to-one coaching is permitted indoors if for paid work/employment purposes for the coach, or outdoors for any other circumstances.

• Local leagues, local competitions and 1* events for U18s and Disabled People are able to re-start, if abiding by the guidelines set out in the Ready to Return Official Guidance document for adult activity and advising players of the recommendations of returning to competitive play.

For further information, please check out Alternatively, please contact Ed at for any questions concerning Birmingham Table Tennis Academy.

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