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Hello Everyone

There are two forms to fill in if you wish to attend any Summer events. Both parents and children need to be registered as members. Anyone currently attending must also fill this new membership form in - click here

There is no membership charge at present and when it is introduced, it will be dependant upon how many sessions per week are running.

If you wish to attend adult coaching, we are running trials on the 8th. Numbers will be limited, so please fill in the below asap.

In terms of Covid and the continuing challenges we face, can I please request that all adults either wear a mask upon entry, or apply good social distancing measures. May I respectably point out, that if we encounter a case, the club (by law) will have to close. I am sure we all understand the above difficulties this poses for sport and business, so try not to breathe all over anyone please. Thank you.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to photograph/filming consent for promotional purposes.

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