Parents & Our Children’s Future In Table Tennis

Parents & Our Children's Future In Table Tennis Being a parent is not easy and we are often faced with long working hours, logistical issues, financial issues, choosing the right club, etc. Our children may play for fun and as parents, we can create early limitations and stop development. This I believe

West Midlands Cadet League Rankings

Rankings Cyrus Harris 90 pts William Hopkins 80 pts Alex Setchell 79 pts Thomas Waters 75 pts Alistair Higgins 73 pts Zain Hussain 71 pts Thom Bryant 68 pts Wajid Wafiq 64 pts Jack Price 58 pts Radu Hudita 54 pts Patrick Sheridan 53 pts Finn Harper 52 pts Zach Youngs 49 pts Gyan Chana 43 pts Jayden Baker 42 pts Yumo Hu 42 pts Jay Starling

Birmingham Academy Teams – 2020/21 Season

Birmingham Academy Teams - 2019/20 Season (Form Below If You Wish To Skip) Introduction If you can keep the ball on the table a little bit, you have a chance. However, the deadline for entering Academy teams is fast approaching; 5th September 2019. Our table tennis season starts in September and ends before

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