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ELTT has been set up by Edward Lynn with a view to building a professional structure for aspiring table tennis players. Many aspects will be supported, from grass roots through to elite performance.

Ed is a professional table tennis coach and was the lead coach at Colebridge TTC. Ed’s journey started there (competitively) in 1988 as a player at the age of 12. He organises and delivers regional training for many of the best players in the West Midlands and has been coaching for over a decade. Since 2014, after working for Table Tennis England, Premier League 4 Sport and Aston Villa, many players and projects from across the West Midlands and beyond have been undertaken.

Ed currently coaches several top 20 England players and over a dozen top 100 England players within their respective age groups.



ELTT intends to establish a system that creates sustainable pathway’s; a system that offers fun and competition for new players, structure and progression for aspiring players and further opportunities for the very best, to include training at high intensity with support from some of the finest coaches in England. Training camps will form a part of the overall system and coaches will be recruited from across England & Europe.

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