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Our last Camp was unfortunately cancelled. We shall hopefully be offering something very similar later this year or early in 2021. Stay safe everyone!

Believe it or not, this will be our first full weekend camp at Birmingham Table Tennis Academy. So far a line up consisting of 9 coaches over the weekend has been assembled.

Most of the places have now gone, so please don't hang around if you wish to take advantage of this very special offer.

The feedback from this camp was simply amazing.

Julien Girard, in France known as 'The One', Eli Baraty, Stevie Brunskill, Afonso Vilela, Nicholas Li.

A super day was had by all and Eli and Stevie will be back for our next adventure, in what promises to be a different experience again.

Thank you to all involved.


This camp was a huge success with Stevie Brunskill, Chris Doran and co. We succeeded in keeping things fresh and involved some of the finest coaches in England and beyond.

Thank you to all involved.

This camp was fully booked up and gave players from across the West Midlands a real treat. Eli Baraty, ex Bulgarian International Radoslav Kamberov, ex International (Trinidad & Tobago) Jade Blasse, Mark Mitchell, Simon Heaps and others were involved.

Summer Camp

Wood Green: 1st/2nd/3rd August 2018

A huge success with many great players and coaches on board; England no.1 Junior Charlotte Bardsley joined us this year. Ed Lynn and Eli Baraty led proceedings with Nicholas Li, Chris Turner, Aaron Beech, Lauren Evans and Callum Squire supporting. Top 25 England Veteran player Ivan Lewis said "This is the best camp I've been to in England."

"The three days have been a pleasure to organise and deliver. Working with my very treasured friend Eli Baraty, it has taught me I am on the right path; sharing so many thoughts alike, believing in so many aspects that will nurture and develop our coaching and our sport. I am now happy and incredibly humbled by the support, the work rate and the effort made from those who came from Cornwall to Chester and beyond. Nicholas Li, Chris Turner, Aaron Beech, Lauren Evans, Charlotte Bardsley, Callum Squire thank you for supporting the coaching team.

Amazing support from Darren Griffin, Ivan Lewis, Steve Horton, Paul Linfield, etc...lovely to see a few Vets on board. Also great to see so many senior participants; Awais Muhammed, ร–mer Siddik, etc and many youngsters coming through in the West Midlands and a few prepared to travel to see how we do things in the West Midlands; from London to the North West".

Any feedback would be massively appreciated.

Training at Swerve TTC

5th/6th April

Swerve TTC in Middlesborough hosted both myself and players from the West Midlands. Stevie Brunskill put on a great show for players from the North East, the West Midlands and beyond. "I enjoyed coaching alongside Stevie and look forward to another opportunity in the near future. These days were set up to aid the development of our younger players and provide us with an opportunity to create a new alliance. Thank you to all involved".

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