West Midlands Cadet League 2019/20 - Day 1

Saturday 7th September 2019

Welcome to another day of competition for the younger generation...


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West Midlands Cadet League - 7th September 2019

Enter on the 7th September here! Rankings 1. Cyrus Harris 60 pts 2. Thomas Waters 53 pts 3. Adel Uddin 52 pts 4. Alex Setchell 51 pts 4. Rahul Chopra 51 pts 4. William Hopkins 51 pts 7. Alistair Higgins 47 pts 7. Tom Hoskins 47 pts 9. Wajid Wafiq 46 pts...

Birmingham Academy Competition – 24th August

Entries/ratings: Maximum Entries – 48 players Final rankings for the tournament will be taken on the day of the draw. 1. Ben Willson – 2791 2. Edward Lynn – 2721 3. Hawley Ellicott – 2664 4. Nathaniel Saunders – 2120 5. Adrian Jones – 2042 6. Neil Myatt – 1636 7. Thomas Bryant – 255...

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As the journey continues, it is often important to know what is on offer and how you can create and develop opportunities, that give you the best chance to succeed...

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ESTTA ( English Schools Table Tennis Association) National Team Championships - U11's

St Laurence School in Northfield, Birmingham - 2nd in England in the last stage of the competition. The players who currently/did train at Colebridge represented their school in superb style to take second place. Ed intends to recruit a few at a slightly earlier stage next time, so that St Laurence can hopefully go one better. Picking pupils up at an early age and offering a professional pathway certainly offers it's rewards. Great work from Miss Reynolds and St Laurence School - well done.


National Cadet League & National Junior League

Colebridge clean up in 2017/18, winning the top division and the second division in Junior League. They also won Cadet League division 1 - very well done to all.


National Cadet League & National Junior League continued...

B Team in National Junior League also made it into the top division. Another great team performance.


ESTTA ( English Schools Table Tennis Association) National Team Championships - U19's

Tudor Grange School in Solihull had their finest ambassadors battling again after taking gold in the U19's last season. This time they finished 3rd, although it is still an amazing accomplishment to finish in the top 3 in the country - well done girls...

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