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Parents & Our Children’s Future In Table Tennis

Parents & Our Children's Future In Table Tennis

Being a parent is not easy and we are often faced with long working hours, logistical issues, financial issues, choosing the right club, etc.

Our children may play for fun and as parents, we can create early limitations and stop development. This I believe is where many don't advance. Perhaps our child has less or more potential than we realise...

With the latter, there are many things to consider. Have you considered 1-1 coaching?

1. The vast majority of top players receive 1-to-1 coaching
2. In many cases, it speeds up development
3. Technical and other issues can be addressed at an earlier stage which makes a huge difference long term

Do you attend training camps and learn from the best?

Learning from top national and international coaches is essential.

Do the choices we make impact the future potential of our children?

Yes, 100% they do. A list worthy of consideration is listed below;

1. Can your child experience a pathway from beginner through to elite performance?
2. Will your child be given support & encouragement to maximise potential?
3. Are there enough players and an enthusiastic coach on board; to offer a varied level of practice and expertise?
4. Have you researched the crudentials of the coach(es), his/her results, qualifications, experience, etc?
5. Are you content you've got the best?
6. Have you considered working with more than one coach? Many top players do, so why not?
5. Is the environment conducive to the pathway; i.e. will it compliment and aid an easier transition for tournaments locally and nationally?

The list goes on...

We can see there is a huge level of responsibility upon us to guide our children, to do our research and understand exactly what maximising potential entails.

Convenience doesn't always offer quality, so choose wisely. Do your best and your children will have an increased chance to be the best they can too.

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