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Being coached makes a huge difference to our development. Anyone who’s serious about improvement will consider group sessions, one to one’s and competition. Without a good balance, maximising potential is impossible.

Our team of coaches and volunteers are really special and many students are improving tremendously, with success locally, regionally and nationally. If you join us on Facebook, many reports of our successes are available there.

Please check our schedule and complete the membership.

Cadet League

Every Monday from 6.30pm until 8.30pm latest.

A new venture which we hope will offer players U15 a vital stepping stone to gaining competitive experience, which is absolutely essential in order to improve, alongside coaching.

This league is aimed at absolute beginners up to a respectable intermediate level and anyone below 15 can join. All levels are encouraged and will be graded to make it fair.

To take part, you will need to join our WhatsApp group specifically for this League.

Open Play

Join Us!

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; 6.00pm – 9.30pm.

Membership is required, so please look there and check the schedule out for further details. Once membership is completed, you can arrive during open play periods without booking.

Bat’s and balls can be provided.

It’s not always on, so please ensure you ask to join our broadcast list. You can also request to join a WhatsApp group to meet like minded individuals, who wish to play friendly matches and practice with each other.


You must fill in a Registration Form before you play, click here!

Membership is free for now! You will not get a response after filling in membership. Simply go to the schedule to see what suits your desires. If you need further assistance, text via WhatsApp, bottom right.

Venue policy – No meat or egg products on site.

Suitable attire must be worn at all times! No shoes, no jeans etc!

A respectful code of conduct must be adhered to. No smoking on site, no swearing, no hitting tables, etc.

Prayer rooms are available.

Friday League

An excellent opportunity to play v many others. Every Friday we run up to three divisions of all levels from 7pm until 10pm. Practice from 6.30pm and punishment for non-attendance without notice. Over 130 people have joined us so far.

To join you simply need to request to join our Friday League Group via WhatsApp. Link, bottom right.

Cash prizes periodically, trophies for player of the month. This league is a real treat with a full blown ranking system and a great way to meet new people.


WhatsApp groups are now being set up for all aspects of delivery. Once you’ve taken a look at the schedule, please click here for a unique service!

Coaching sessions are cheaper, from £65 if you book a block at the beginning. Blocks are 10 weeks in duration; set time frame. If you are likely to miss sessions, the casual fees are listed below.


6.00pm – 9.30pm; Open Play – £6
6.30pm – 8.30pm; Cadet League – £6
7.00pm – 9.00pm; High Performance & Aspires Squad Training (Invitational)


7.00pm – 9.00pm; Performance Squad Training (Invitational)


6.00pm – 9.30pm; Open Play – £6
6.00pm – 7.30pm; Junior Coaching (Invitational)


6.00pm – 9.30pm; Open Play – £6
7.00pm – 8.30pm; Service Clinic – £10
7.30pm – 9.00pm; Intermediate Coaching – £10


7.00pm – 10.00pm; Friday League – £6 (Invitation via WhatsApp group only)


10.00am – 11.00am; 6-9 year olds Coaching – £7
11.00am – 12.30am; Open Junior Coaching – £10
1.00pm – 2.30pm; Development Squad Training
2.45pm – 4.45pm; Performance Squad Training



Venue is located at Nishkam High School in Birmingham; Great King St N, Birmingham B19 2LF

First Green gate on your right as you enter the car park. Car park is free and 24 hour security is in place.

Coach Feedback

David Diniz (ITTF Coach – Portugal)

Hello everyone! Mainly to our friend Ed!
What to say about you? The few times we were together, we became friends. And, who knows, friends for life!
As a coach, I can say that you are truly passionate about Table Tennis, that you know what you talk and teach, but you also still have room to be much better!!! Only the sky is the limit!
Being in the right place at the right time is not for people like us!
We are workers, we like to “suffer” to have what we like to have.
You are a 5 stars.
Keep going!

Rating (5/5)

Jason Greve

Ed has coached my two children, aged 15 and 10, on a 1-1 basis for almost a year now. Over that time my wife and I have grown to trust him implicitly with our children’s coaching and development.

Ed gives 100% in each and every session, always with the progression of his students at the forefront of his mind. He is able to create a training atmosphere that brings the best out in his students whether they be 8 or 80.

With trust and reliability a bond can be formed between players and coaches, that enables development that may not be found in another hall, with another coach. Ed enables this trust with ease.

I requested Ed cornered my my youngest son at the recent national championships. With his hard work he helped my son reach the quarter finals.

I would recommend Ed without hesitation.

Rating (5/5)

Abrar Hussain

Ed has all the qualities of a great coach. He’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic, supportive….the list goes on. He keeps himself at the forefront of table tennis and always has his finger on the pulse.
To have a great coach on our doorstep is truly a blessing for us Brummies.
My son Zain has been training at Nishkam with Ed over the last couple of years and to see him qualify and play at the nationals over the weekend was an amazing experience and the highlight of his table tennis journey. Every time he trains with Ed he comes away feeling happy,motivated and eager to learn.
Thank-you Ed for being a great coach and mentor.
Onwards and upwards!

Rating (5/5)

Richard Costall

In just a couple of sessions, Ed transformed my sons game. Already a decent club player, Oliver started beating everyone in the division, purely down to Ed’s observations and coaching.. An excellent, friendly patient and passionate coach, Ed helped improve my game, and I’m looking forward to continuing working with him. Highly recommended.

Rating (5/5)

Kirsty Maull

Ed is a fantastic coach. He understands that not every player is the same which allows each player to develop their natural game. During my training, Ed also encourages players to move outside their comfort zone, which enables them to have a better all round game. Although Ed plans his sessions based of hard work and drive, he still ensures the sessions are fun to create a positive atmosphere for all.

Whilst I have been working alongside Ed on the Saturday Sessions, he is always open to different variations of games and exercises to achieve maximum potential. It has been an honour to see the children’s progression on a Saturday and the bond built between the players and a coach.

Rating (5/5)

Hui Li

I think that Ed is an amazing coach and very knowledgeable about table tennis. Ed also helps people improve in table tennis by inventing new activities.

Rating (5/5)

Priscilla Joseph

Excellent coach couldn’t ask for a better one. Very dedicated to the job making every minute worthwhile !!

Rating (5/5)

Marius Herbei

After first season with Ed, I can say that my son really enjoyed the lessons and most important is that he want to continue and this say everything about Ed teaching model.
All the best.

Rating (5/5)

Parents & Our Children’s Future In Table Tennis

Parents & Our Children's Future In Table Tennis

Being a parent is not easy and we are often faced with long working hours, logistical issues, financial issues, choosing the right club, etc.

Our children may play for fun and as parents, we can create early limitations and stop development. This I believe is where many don't advance. Perhaps our child has less or more potential than we realise...

With the latter, there are many things to consider. Have you considered 1-1 coaching?

1. The vast majority of top players receive 1-to-1 coaching
2. In many cases, it speeds up development
3. Technical and other issues can be addressed at an earlier stage which makes a huge difference long term

Do you attend training camps and learn from the best?

Learning from top national and international coaches is essential.

Do the choices we make impact the future potential of our children?

Yes, 100% they do. A list worthy of consideration is listed below;

1. Can your child experience a pathway from beginner through to elite performance?
2. Will your child be given support & encouragement to maximise potential?
3. Are there enough players and an enthusiastic coach on board; to offer a varied level of practice and expertise?
4. Have you researched the crudentials of the coach(es), his/her results, qualifications, experience, etc?
5. Are you content you've got the best?
6. Have you considered working with more than one coach? Many top players do, so why not?
5. Is the environment conducive to the pathway; i.e. will it compliment and aid an easier transition for tournaments locally and nationally?

The list goes on...

We can see there is a huge level of responsibility upon us to guide our children, to do our research and understand exactly what maximising potential entails.

Convenience doesn't always offer quality, so choose wisely. Do your best and your children will have an increased chance to be the best they can too.

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